If I am a UK TV licence payer and resident and born in the UK, I should be able to watch the TV I pay for wherever I am. I think it is wrong that there is not a secure way to allow people in my situation watch the TV they pay for when abroad. Reply. Chris. 7 June 2016 at 10:01 am.

Jul 24, 2020 TV Licence Application Form Free Download The TV Licence fee i s payable on year to y ear basis under the Broadcasting Act 2 009 or under subsequent enco mpassing legislation. Under this Direct Debit Agreement, y ou are legally obl iged to p ay the full cost of the TV Licence. You are legal ly required to continu e . Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis reveals what happens if May 20, 2019 Martin Lewis warning: Expert shares how to get TV licence Jun 18, 2020

Martin Lewis warning: Expert shares how to get TV licence

Jun 22, 2020 Do I need a TV Licence? - TV Licensing Answers to your questions What is live TV and when do I need a licence for it? Live TV means any programme you watch or record as it’s being shown on TV or live on any online TV service. It’s not just live events like sport, news and music. It covers all programmes on any channel, including soaps, series, documentaries and even movies. Over 75 TV Licence - TV Licensing

Over 75 TV Licence - TV Licensing

Nov 13, 2017 Financial help if you're disabled: Television licence To claim the TV licence concession for blind people, you’ll need to get a certificate from your local authority or ophthalmologist stating that you are registered blind or severely sight impaired. Who has to pay for a TV licence and why do we have it