Synonyms for surveillance sərˈveɪ ləns, -ˈveɪl yəns This thesaurus page is about all possible synonyms, equivalent, same meaning and similar words for the term surveillance .

Surveil definition is - to subject to surveillance. Recent Examples on the Web Instead of resourcing underserved neighborhoods, Detroit has spent millions of dollars to surveil its residents, ignoring the fact that these invasive programs have shown little to no impact on crime. surveillance synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'survey',sure',survive',surely', definition. Understand surveillance meaning and enrich your vocabulary The word surveillance is the French word for "watching over". The word surveillance may be applied to observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment (such as CCTV cameras), or interception of electronically transmitted information (such as Internet traffic or phone calls). Synonyms for Surveillance Synonyms for (noun) Surveillance Synonyms: surveillance Definition: close observation of a person or group (usually by the police) Top synonyms for strict surveillance (other words for strict surveillance) are close supervision, close surveillance and strict supervision. strict surveillance / synonyms Synonyms for surveillance in English including definitions, and related words. 8 ways to abbreviate Surveillance updated 2020. How to abbreviate Surveillance? The most popular abbreviation for Surveillance is: SUR

Synonyms for surveillance. care. control. examination. inspection. scrutiny. supervision. vigilance. wiretap.

Surveillance antonyms. Top antonyms for surveillance (opposite of surveillance) are carelessness, indifference and neglect.

Synonyms for surveillance supervision (oversight, superintendence, observation >>) watch See all synonyms for surveillance. Synonyms "under the surveillance" in the

The ahhh inspiring demi god like beings that administrate cotrol over all that is gaming! surveillance. care, control, direction, inspection, observation, scrutiny, superintendence, supervision, vigilance, watch. English Collins Dictionary - English synonyms & Thesaurus. See also: survey, sure, survive, surely. Collaborative Dictionary English Thesaurus. ! Such widespread surveillance is most usually justified as being necessary to prevent crime or terrorism. The growth of state surveillance has led to concerns about the erosion of privacy and civil liberties, and also to worries that over-reliance on such measures may lead to complacency by law enforcement officers. surveillance-of-disease | definition: the ongoing systematic collection and analysis of data about an infectious disease that can lead to action being taken to control or prevent the disease | synonyms: surveillance ‘For years, undercover surveillance was the domain of warring couples and the old DHSS.’ ‘It expands the ability of the government to spy by wiretaps and computer surveillance.’ ‘This was despite the fact that all nine suspects were under constant surveillance.’