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SafeIP is a free IP address hider software for Windows. It hides your IP address to protect your online identity from websites, email, games, etc. From its Dashboard tab, you can select an IP location (US, UK, etc.) and click on Change IP button and then Connect button to change your IP address to the new one. This way, you will hide your original IP address. Download Free Hide IP for Windows 10,7,8.1/8 (64/32 bits The IP hiding process is very simple, as all you will have to do is click and within seconds you will have a new IP address that will shadow over yours. Free Hide IP is a relatively easy tool that, despite fulfilling its promise effectively, its usage is very limited. Visit Free Hide IP … Program for hide the IP address? - Windows 7 Help Forums Aug 21, 2009

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Hide IP Address in Windows 7 and Vista. Hiding your IP address is as simple as clicking the "Hide IP" button, which automatically configures your web browser or other application to use a proxy server from our proxy network. All your network traffic is sent over a secure connection to the VPN. When you browse the web while connected to a VPN How to Refresh Your IP Address on a Windows Computer

Jan 23, 2013

Hide IP Address - How to Hide your IP Address OPTION #2 to Hide your IP address: Windows 7 / 10 / Etc. For those on cable/DSL/broadband connections, you should be able to get a new IP address from your ISP, in effect "hiding" your previous IP. Please review the risks below before checking out the instructions for Windows. RISKS: Some ISP's may have rules governing the number of IP's you Hide IP Address - Microsoft Community Hide IP Address I live outside the USA temporarily and would like to be able to access Netflix, Hulu, etc on my new computer which uses VISTA 64 bit. I need to know a safe software that is compatible with Vista 64 bit and will allow me to hide my ip address if possible. How to Manually Assign an IP Address in Windows 7 - dummies Here’s how to do that in Windows 7: Open the Network and Sharing Center window. On the right side of the window, choose the link Local Area Connection. In the Status dialog box, click the Properties button. How to hide IP in Windows 10 | 3 Easy Methods - WindowsAble