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You say facade, I say fakade. I don't think so

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You have to be careful what you say and really watch your words, as you seem to have a lot of influence over their actions. One false move and you could have divorce on your conscious. The good news is that you will have the chance to replay certain situations and scenarios until you finally get things right and everyone has big smiles on their

Jul 05, 2005 facade - What are all the endings of Façade and how do I Grace: How could you say such things about me? Trip: Me?! What the fuck were you thinking? Grace: You have so many problems i don't even know what to do! Also, note that in every game, there is a time near the end where they say about what you've told them. I noticed that the combination of those things defines the ending. Get Grace to hit Trip! - Facade Hints & Secrets for PC Jul 05, 2005 FAÇADE | Pronunciation in English façade pronunciation. How to say façade. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more.