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VPNBook is a virtual private network provider that uses encrypted connection to alternate the original IP address. Although it is unkown who is behind this service and how it receives it funding, it is free to use and it was reviewed in a special aricle of the PC Magazine, where its said that the service "has certain functionality flaws, but is good for a free VPN service". VPNBook - Wikipedia VPNBook is a virtual private network service.. The service connects to a VPN via OpenVPN client or a PPTP connection. There are minimal variety of geographic locations. Available servers include the United States, Canada and Romania. VPNBook can be used to bypass some governmental restrictions. VPNBook Review 2020: Not a Good Choice for Privacy! VPNBook has promise, but it still needs to go a long way and improve substantially, before it can align itself with modern user demands. Its speeds are atrociously slow as compare to the other top VPN service providers in the industry and it allows only a single device to be run on a single account.

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VPNBook Review | Can You Trust the Free VPN? VPNBook changes the password every week or two for security reasons and to ensure that their free service is only used by active users. VPNBook Speed Test. The VPNBook service uses OpenVPN protocol with 256 bit encryption. The VPNBook had decent performance during our speed test. Like most services, their is some loss in Internet speed due to

VPNBook Few years back, Anonymous accused this free VPN service of recording and transferring log files of their users to servers controlled and monitored by authorities. They stated that logs related to the VPN service and its parent website has been used as evidence in court to prosecute some Anons (members of the Anonymous group)

Jul 15, 2020