Click the Connect button on the right hand side of Ventrilo to connect to the server. If you were not able to connect, make sure everything matches the information exactly how you were given. Most errors caused by copy/paste errors, extra spaces on the end of the server information, or typing in the information incorrectly.

Your Connection To This Website Is Encryted and Your Information Is Protected. McAfee Secure - GeoTrust - SSL Report How To Navigate To Your Ventrilo Server Control Panel At the time of this writing there are 10 different files used by a server. 1) ventrilo_srv.ini. Read before starting up and required. 2) ventrilo_srv.ban. Read and written but not required. 3) Written once as soon as the server starts. Deleted when server stops. 4) ventrilo_srv.log All you would have to do is click Connect and you'll be able to join the servers information you just input. If you'd like to try getting vent to work and do not have your own server to try out google "Public Ventrilo Servers". You'll be able to find one here that works which you can try connecting too. Usage Edit. Users install the Ventrilo client and connect to a Ventrilo server.The Ventrilo client is released as freeware and is available for Microsoft Windows.A full version is available for Macintosh OS X, and future support is planned for operating systems based on the Linux kernel, however, the client has been under development since 2005 with no new updates, causing users to suspect The server software must remain running on your computer and connected to the Internet for Ventrilo clients to connect. This often requires advanced router or firewall configuration. To learn more about hosting your own Ventrilo server, please see our video tutorial: Setup and Configure the Ventrilo 3.0 Server Software. Important Notice View Demo First Time Connecting User Name. Before you can use Ventrilo you must first create a user account. This acount name will be used when you log in to any Ventrilo servers and will be the name displayed to all the other users connected to the same server.

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Sep 07, 2012 · The Connect then instant Disconnect can be due to a version mismatch between the server and the client. Ask the server owner about the version that its being used, and get that version. This can also occur with some home routers if they are unable to handle QoS (Quality Of Service) being set on the packets.

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Oct 26, 2017 · When I attempt to connect, it states that I have the incorrect version of Ventrilo. Mainly stating that the server runs on a different version, a version that seems to be named 3.0.6 Typically this wouldn't be an issue as I could just download 3.0.6.