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If you assume everyone will eventually need at least one IP address, it is easy to see IPv4 does not have enough addresses. For every bit added to an IP address, the size of the address space doubles. A 33-bit IP address has around 8.5 billion addresses. A 34-bit IP address has about 17 billion possible addresses…

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networks - Are there enough IPv6 addresses for every atom So we could assign an IPV6 address to EVERY ATOM ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, and still have enough addresses left to do another 100+ earths. It isn’t remotely likely that we’ll run out of IPV6 addresses at any time in the future. (1) The number of atoms on the surface = 4πr 2 x (1/2a) 2. Planet's radius = 6378km, mean atomic radius of the Multiple IP Addresses: Why and How Many? - GreenArrow Email